Sky internet keeps disconnecting

Sky internet keeps disconnecting

Sky is one of the most popular television and broadband service providers in the UK. However, despite offering reliable service, sometimes Sky Q keeps disconnecting from internet. Sky UK is a telecommunication and television service provider that offers several services including internet and telephone connections. With over There are a number of ways to fix the problem depending on the broadband services you use. If you do not use Sky broadband, the main setup of your system is slightly different.

To make sure your Sky Q box works with every system, it connects to the 2. The Sky Q miniboxes also work with 2. To fix the connection issue:. If you are connected to your home network, your top box is correctly setup. However, if it is not, select Reset and then confirm the action. Choose the non-Sky internet option, enter your home Wi-Fi details and let it connect.

If you use Sky broadband, you will probably have the Sky Q Hub as well. To solve why Sky Q keeps disconnecting from the internet:. First press the WPS button on the router for a few seconds. Then press the button on the Sky Q box for about 5 seconds. This will connect the two. The above-given instructions will most likely solve the connection issue. If it still does not work, you can contact a customer service representative to get more insight into the problem.

As an Amazon Worldwide affiliate, Digi Helpdesk earns a commission from qualifying purchases. What is Sky? Tags: sky qsky q broadbandsky q keeps disconnectingsky. Next Post Microsoft Teams freezing during meeting error: Fixed. View on Amazon. View on Amaozn.Welcome to the Digital Spy forums. Forums Recent Rules My Activity. Hey there! Sign In Register. Introducing the Soap Scoop podcast! Hello Please can anyone help? I got Sky Broadband Max a couple of weeks ago and have been having real problems.

It disconnects between times a day and as far as I know for no good reason. They only guaranteed way to get it reconnected is for me to unplug the router and turn off the pc, turn it back on and then plug it back in and then the connection might only last 15 minutes.

Any ideas what I can try? It's a long shot, but you might try turning off UPnP in the router. System Posts: 2, Forum Member. I'd go with fihart's suggestion there's a known issue with UPnP that casues alot of disconnections.

I have the same problem- can someone explain how you do this in a non techy way. Replace all your filters with better quality ones? I have the same problems, after calling sky many, many times they sent me a new router which seems to be working ifne most of the time.

I do say though that when we have really bad weather we do lose connection quite a bit. Assume the ones supplied by Sky are not good then? When I phoned Helpdesk their first suggestion was to swap the filters around which I did but connection still keeps dropping out. Underpressure Posts: 2 Forum Member. Hi there. Have similar problem with Sky broadband disconecting, but it only happens between 5pm and 8pm. After about 10 conversations with Sky, 3 weeks and 3 issued tickets later, problem still not solved.

Done all kinds of testing and filter changing as well. This is new line in new property. Sky tested line at least 3 times and can't find fault, but sky fault department says: "we can see that your internet conection is disconecting every couple minutes"!!! After I spoke to friend working in IT, he said: I'm positive that BT has to upgrade server, because of many new properties recently built in the area, server gets overloaded at peak times. Which basicaly means Sky has asigned too many new IP addresses and server can't support them all.

I guess, I will have to agree with my friend, unless someone has any different ideas. Matt D Posts: 13, Forum Member. This should solve the losing the connection problem - it had be baffled for months and was about to cancel and go somewhere else. Your box may need replacong.

Sky Q Keeps Disconnecting from Internet

El Guapo Posts: 4, Forum Member. KemeDawg Posts: 1 Forum Member. I had same problem with mine, phoned sky and they ended up getting hold of BT to slow the connection down, which worked a treat, definetely phone them and keep on till they escalate it to their tier 3 techs who sort it out!

Sign In or Register to comment.This is a discussion on Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; He guys my sky broadband keeps and disconnecting every 2 min's im lucky ive posted this, i dont want to Forum Rules. Your forum username: Do you already have an account? No, create an account now. Yes, my password is: Forgot your password? Stay logged in. Log in or Sign up Close Panel. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 10 of Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting This is a discussion on Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting within the Sky Broadband help forums, part of the Sky Broadband help and support category; He guys my sky broadband keeps and disconnecting every 2 min's im lucky ive posted this, i dont want to Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting He guys my sky broadband keeps and disconnecting every 2 min's im lucky ive posted this, i dont want to contact help by phone because its frustrating and they only read from a manual they dont fully understand.

Ive searched through the forum and ive turned of the uPuP thing, obv it didnt work for me, ive just come from talk talk as i hear sky was so much better, i just need a set of instructions dated in giving me a step by step instruction on how to solve my problem I hate the fact i have to do this, i meen i pay for something i expect it to do its job, sick of getting ripped off. Somebody please help me, i play online poker for a living and cant handle the disconnecting much more Sky broadband is the best internet service i would get around my area, i have 4.

Re: Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Please post up router stats both from your normal position and the test socket. What happens to the router lights when it disconnects? Thread Starter. Re: Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting Are those stats from the test socket your master socket's faceplate taken off with just a filter and the grey dsl cable sky supplied?

Re: Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting what differnce would taking face plate off make?


Yeah just filter and grey cable was plugged in. Re: Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting It would rule out an internal wiring issue, which is a common factor for dropping sync. I'm not sure whether your reply was meant to sound abrupt, but if so, and you don't want to try the test socket, then I won't waste my time replying to the thread. Originally Posted by User It would rule out an internal wiring issue, which is a common factor for dropping sync.

It's worthwhile trying the test socket when you can, especially if you have extension sockets within the premises. In the event that the stats are no different from the test socket, then swapping for another spare filter would be something to try. Both of these would require a call to Sky, so it's best confirming these two as the only possibilities to save a long call to Sky.

Re: Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting ok thanks for your time, ill keep posted incase other people have same problem. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page:. Tags for this Thread broadbanddisconnectingreconnectingsky. Visit Official Sky Website. SkyUser Quick Links. Official Sky Links. Nominated Charity. SkyUser Partners. The time now is PM. Yes, my password is:. Forgot your password?My sky box loses internet connection on a daily basis.

Really fed up having to add the WiFi password back in. Any suggestions? The SkyQ hub and SkyQ mini constantly disconnect just like your issue. I to am getting almost daily disconnections of my Sky Q box from my WiFi and it's such a shoddy set up routine you have to spend several minutes going through the whole set up routine jsut to get t to reconnect.

I have several other devices on my 2Ghz Wifi, most further away from the router than my Sky Q box which less than 4m and has LoS to my routerthey never drop off my WiFi - only my Sky Q box does.

I have run several WiFi scanning apps and although didn't see any neighbouring overlaps on channel 11 that my router was using I tried moving it to channel 6 again it appeared clear and it's made no difference - the Sky Q box still drops the WiFi connection almost every day. I had this same issue several months ago and after a few weeks it stopped with maybe one drop out every couple of months but now the issue is back to being almost daily for nearly the last couple of weeks.

sky internet keeps disconnecting

Sky - even if you can't reproduce and fix this issue at least re-examine the software for the WiFi connection and allow it to automatically reconnect once you save a WiFi network for it. And setting up the WiFi each time is cumbersome. Have you got an IP address conflict ie two devices on your wifi network using the same IP address? Nope, no conflicts, have even tried manually setting the Sky Q box IP outside the range of the DHCP scope of my router but obviously on the same subnet still.

I generally notice it drops the WiFi overnight but I don't think it's related to the Sky Q box being in standby mode as it has happened a couple of times during the day when the Sky Q box has been on. I have no idea what your router is but if it is mainly overnight have you got your router set to "sleep" overnight. I accept that not every Sky Q user connected via WiFi is reporting this so it's not something that's fundamentally broken with Sky Q but Sky need to investigate this with an open mind and not with the attitude that it's just an end user local WiFi issue.

Possibly it's just a combination of the Sky Q box being quite sensitive to WiFi conditions although I've seen no evidence of overlapping channel use in my house and the fact once it drops it just doesn't seem to have a way to try and reconnect itself not sure if it even tries.

Added to that is the fact I shoudl just be able to rescan for WiFi networks and just click on the one I want to join which it should do withou further prompts if I've already saved the password for that network. Instead you have to run through the whole WiFi setup routine from scratch.

sky internet keeps disconnecting

I invariably have the subtitles on because of my poor hearing. Often, when trying to turn them on, I get the message that the internet connection has been lost but all the other 8 devices in the house remain connected.

I have fixed the IP address of the Q box to avoid clashes but to no avail. I have repositioned the Q box and ensured that it the software is up to date, but to no avail.

What do Sky recommend that I do next? I don't think Sky even acknowledge there might be an issue, it's always the user's WiFi that's at fault in their minds. So I wouldn't hold out any hope of them investigating it seriously or even just doing a software update so the Q box auto-reconnected to the previously-configured WiFi - which most devices in the last 20 years have been capable of More from Sky.

Sign In. This website uses cookies Cookies help us give you a better service e. Turn on suggestions.My sky broadband keeps losing connection every 5 hoursthe green light goes out and then eventually comes back onI have ran a test on the sky website and no problems found.

This has never happened before. The temperature of the router is also very hot for some reason. Can anyone help? The cannot bind 0. However the upstream margin is low. You can call from the land line and just keep repeating the options.

If the margin drops lower would point to high resistance fault. Spoke to sky and they concluded I need a new router so have upgraded to sky super fast which will say me money for 18 monthsalso no upgrade fee and also getting the new sky q router sent out without having to subscribe to sky broabdband boost.

Still waiting for superfast broadband to be turned on although not sure that will make much difference. If problems persist I guess I will need to have an engineer sent out?

Sky Broadband keeps disconnecting

You mean you agreed with Sky that they'd send you a Sky Broadband Hub? If so, I'd get back to them. I doubt an engineer will be able to improve it much.

This is not a wifi problemit's a internet disconnecting problemso I hope an engineer can help or I will have to change to bt Got an engineer coming outhopefully he can fix things. Was also told the advisor who spoke to me last week made a mistake agreeing to send me out the new sky broadband hub and that all sky advisors are categorically told not to send out the new hub unless people subscribe to broadband boost.

sky internet keeps disconnecting

She felt it was unlikely I would get the new hub even if the advisor agreed to itthey are going to listen to the recording and get back to me. Sometimes it comes back on other times I need to re enter the password. More from Sky. Sign In. This website uses cookies Cookies help us give you a better service e. Broadband From connecting your devices to protecting your family online. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type.

Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.Hi my sky broadband keeps disconnecting from my second box in another room.

I answer 3 questions then have to reboot my router. Also if I'm watching Netflix on the sky Q box that will stop and I get an error message saying no Internet connection. Can anyone help please I don't want to and shouldn't have to keep rebooting my router. Thanks in advance any help. Have you had this problem before or is it recent? Its possible you need boosters in order to keep the Q boxes connected.

In the last month only had new router and sky Q just less than 6 months. Also I live in a bungalow so it's only a small distance between router skyQ box and second box. Yes in the last month, the router was changed when we got skyQ. Some people have had a lot of issues with that router, it hasnt got the best rep.

The new one seems to perform much better but you need to have the broadband boost addon for that. I'll flag your post to Sky who should contact you soon, they may be able to offer some tips or possibly book a mesh engineer if its needed. Look out for a message on the forum or an email. OK cheers thanks for your help. By the way you don't pay for this booster do you? That would be a cheek!! Hi just to let you know sky are sending me a booster thing in the post this Friday.

More from Sky. Sign In. This website uses cookies Cookies help us give you a better service e.

sky internet keeps disconnecting

Broadband From connecting your devices to protecting your family online. Turn on suggestions. Auto-suggest helps you quickly narrow down your search results by suggesting possible matches as you type. Showing results for. Search instead for. Did you mean:. All forum topics Previous Topic Next Topic.

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Sky Broadband Keeps Disconnecting and Reconnecting

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