Gesloten cirkel ‎– submit x

Gesloten cirkel ‎– submit x

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Reply Notify me 4 Helpful. Doversoul April 3, Report. With the LP itself, Cirkel creates a more varied electronic terrain, allowing himself, via the LP format, to go off piste from the club vein. On first listen I somewhat dismissed many of the tracks, expecting to be provided with something more thumping on the next.

Gesloten Cirkel: Murder He Wrote

But listening again without the element of expectation and things are received differently. Strip the LP apart and what you'll find is the first three tracks are fairly dark and gritty electro that are for quite specialist darkened club rooms. Track 5 is an 80's electro-synth-pop style track with a simple beat and vocoder lyrics, these lyrics are what you'll hear first as track 4 but without any of the beat.

A cappella of track 5 essentially.Five years on from his first release, we still don't know very much about Gesloten Cirkel. He's from Russia and he makes a raw, often ravey, always interesting, blend of old-sounding electro and distinctly modern techno.

The album opens with a track called 'Zombiemachine Acid' and it's hard to imagine a more concise and accurate description of the music that follows. The structure of the album's first half gives it a strange sense of balance. This mirroring effect almost stalls the album before it can get going, giving it a weird, jerking sense of uncertain momentum.

One of the distinctive qualities in Gesloten Cirkel productions to date has been an ability to find hooks in the strangest places. On his remix of Conforce's '24', the weight and texture of the over-the-top kick drum is as intoxicating and memorable as the more traditional vocal snippet.

Submit X doesn't disappoint in this regard. On the title track, a vocal sample again takes the lead, but it's the way the huge reverb on the drums is smashed into a compressor that gives the track its character; heavy yet somewhat rootless, and ultimately hollow.

The way the lead synth flickers between straight melody and swung arpeggios on the nearly 8-bit 'Chatters' is an object lesson in how to do a lot with very little, balancing ear-pleasing catchiness with raw machine talk in the process. Time and time again, it's this ear for melody that keeps Submit X sounding original and saves it from sliding backwards towards mere nostalgia or pastiche.

It's only towards the end that Submit X begins to lose its own thread and 'Arrested Development' is the first noticeable drop in quality. It replays the same smashed reverb trick as earlier but its bass line is nondescript and the expansive lead line lacks any sense of direction or inspiration.

The final few tracks are fine in their own right but don't feel a piece with what has come before. The lurching, irresistible machine funk of the earlier tracks is replaced by something altogether less distinctive.

The albums ends with the sort of industrial techno that will undoubtedly sound good played out, but which is entirely out of place on an album that, in its many brilliant moments, blends the downright weird with the irrepressibly fun.

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Dekmantel is the festival that always gets it so right

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Support The Quietus Make a Contribution. LOG IN. Info About The Quietus Facebook. It looks like you're using an adblocker.We should expect no less from Murder Capital, a Viewlexx subsidiary label beloved for its punk attitude, having risen from a context of squats and pirate radio. That punk attitude seems to dictate unambitious music — not necessarily in a bad way, but squat techno usually requires an amount of mindless aggression.

Cirkel is definitely aggressive, but Submit X is also an incredibly nuanced, diverse effort. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

Every track on the record sounds utterly pumped out, and busting at the audible seams, though it is never sloppy. The title track is a kind of furious, feral Miami bass, engineered with the up-and-down waviness associated with deep LFOs or sidechain compression.

Robert Turman is an American, but his drained Beyond Painting album could be another sonic touchstone. Submit X works because it balances the impulses of hooky club or car music with these implicitly bleak worldviews. The beat itself is an insistent body pummel, with hi-hats that practically convulse. Your email is never shared. Dialogue Inc. Futureproofing Gridface Infinitestatemachine Let's nerd! Tags: albumgesloten cirkelmurder capitalreviewsteve kerr.

None found.Gesloten Cirkel is an enigma wrapped up in a mystery. The reason he is held in such high regard is because while there are references to other styles, artists and communities in his music, what he makes is highly distinctive, with that rare ability to make people sit up and listen. Following this debut, there was a two-year wait until the next Gesloten Cirkel release, Moustache Techno Series Following the release of Seriesthere was another period of radio silence — with the exception of a short, high-tempo ghetto mix for Juno Plus — untilwhen Gesloten put out the reduced electro drums and menacing bass of Hole on Berceuse Heroique.

Earlier this year, he announced that he was putting out an album, Submit Xalso on Murder Capital. Was he surprised by the reaction to his first few records and why has he only put out such a small amount of music in the past five years? I do it to enjoy it, but I have to be confident in the package to release it with a price tag.

That being said, I pump out recordings pretty often and post them online on Intergalactic FM. Although we have not yet reached the halfway mark of this year, Submit X is easily a contender for album of Like previous releases by this artist, it is rooted in grimy acid, techno and electro.

However, Submit X is just as varied as his singles. I am happy if one person almost enjoyed it. Then work took all my time. It was pretty rough and the vocals were clashing in some parts, but I think I-F still plays that version.

So with two tracks kind of done, I said I am going to do an album. Most of the compilation and polishing was done in December when I had time and then I procrastinated with artwork for a bit. This time, they are accompanied by murderous basslines, grainy kicks and epic, soaring synth lines. It sounds like Gesloten Cirkel is having a laugh.

Does he not take things too seriously and like to inject some humour into his music? I like tracks to have character — be it a sound or melody or solo but yes, life is one big joke. Is he inspired by them? It sounds more melodic than the rest of Submit X — is this an area Gesloten Cirkel is keen to explore?

The other people place - Let me be me

However, it veers unexpectedly into a spiralling guitar solo before ending with Gesloten Cirkel spitting acid-soaked nails all over the arrangement. Thankfully, he is slightly more forthcoming when asked about the influence of industrial music on Submit X. Mostly I tune into Murder Capital radio and it plays all sorts of dark and industrial and minimal sounds — especially on Black Mondays.

Speaking to this writer, Gesloten Cirkel says that he feels most affinity with artists from this milieu. The scant amount of information that is available about this producer suggest that he is Russian or based in Russia, which would explain his interest in developing relationships with like-minded artists online. As he is based away from the Dutch west coast nerve centre, he also places importance on face-to-face contact with his peers.

On the rare occasion that I do play, I am with like-minded people who are on the bill or are putting on the show. In spite of this back story, not everything adds up.

gesloten cirkel ‎– submit x

All of the topical questions that this writer sent to Gesloten Cirkel about Russia via email — his views on its incursion into Ukraine; its treatment of homosexuals and even questions about the development of electronic music in his home country — are unanswered.

But then there is another strange twist — in the midst of preparing a new set of questions to send him by email, Gesloten Cirkel puts out a tweet stating that all of the proceeds from sales of Submit X will go directly to IFM, which recently announced it had been hit with a large fine for filing its tax reports late in and Our full range of studio equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands. Guaranteed fast delivery and low prices. Visit Juno Studio. Our full range of DJ equipment from all the leading equipment and software brands.

Visit Juno DJ. Gesloten Cirkel has become one of techno's true cult figures since his emergence back in with a self-titled 12" for Viewlexx offshoot Murder Capital, exploring the strange fringe between techno and electro with intermittent releases for David Vunk's Moustache Techno and Berceuse Heroique.

Supposedly from Russia, there has nonetheless been much speculation as to the producer's true identity, though his musical roots seem very much planted in the sound of The Hague.

His debut album Submit X is described quite aptly as "not for the faint-hearted", featuring a host of electro and techno cuts filled with classic breakbeats, tripped out vocal samples and caustic acid lines.

However, it's also an album which looks to classic minimal wave sounds for inspiration - the lean rhythm and vocoder of "Stakan" and decayed 8-bit textures of "Chatters" provide some of the album's most memorable moments, proving Gesloten Cirkel is a producer with a few tricks up his sleeve. Undoubtedly one of the albums of the year. Add a buy button to your tracks and playlists by clicking the pencil icon below the waveform. If you are a Pro user, you can also customise the text used for the 'Buy button' on the edit page in the 'Buy link title' section, to read 'Buy at Juno'.

Add a link to your release at the top of the description section to maximise visibility and sales. Music New This Week. New Today. Last 8 Weeks. Back Catalogue. Back In Stock. Coming Soon. DJ Charts. Juno Recommends. Today's Offers. Gift Vouchers. All Genres.Stingray stood stock still in his balaclava beside the decks during the moments Helena took charge, patiently waiting his turn — a stark contrast to the untamed limb flailing present throughout the audience.

It was the kind of set that had us screwing ours faces up in disbelief at the ferocity of the records being spun, catching the eyes of fellow crowd members and sharing looks that detailed in split seconds that this was something special. Not only do the bookers know how to pull together a world-class bill, they know how to bring aspects of it even closer together to send the quality rocketing into another dimension.

More fine Friday programming saw two DJs widely regarded as among the most eclectic around rotating for two hours behind the booth of the centre stage. The murky bass palpitations that sound like techno windscreen wipers synced up with the throbbing rainbow visuals of the impressive light display, combing for an intoxicating aural and optical experience. In a way this set typified Dekmantel, showcasing a deep passion for varying strands of electronic music and presenting them in a pitch-perfect manner.

Which at the foundations is precisely what the festival stands for. Home Latest News Menu.Keeping his identity a secret since his first release inRussian artist Gesloten Cirkel became highly regarded among serious electro fans through his releases on I-F 's long-dormant label Murder Capital. Opener "Zombiemachine Acid" is a cold, metallic instructional device that shudders with intensity and dark purpose.

There's a menacing yet utterly hypnotic fluidity that flows throughout the record; the s and s metallically bounce against each other with robotic rigidity. The Russian producer isn't afraid to mix styles, with the coldwave-influenced "Stakan" and its droning reverb and blank vocals demonstrating the diverse influences of its creator.

The latter stages of the record are pure Viewlexx territory, with "Feat Liette" brazenly showing off its Rotterdam electro influences with sleek aplomb. The overall feeling about Submit X is that it never sounds like a tribute or pastiche, but is a rather melodious and exciting record.

Good, even substantial electro long-players are hard to come by, but this minor Murder Capital classic could be the standard-bearer for hard, relentless, and direct electro for years to come.

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gesloten cirkel ‎– submit x

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Drinking Hanging Out In Love. Introspection Late Night Partying. Rainy Day Relaxation Road Trip. Romantic Evening Sex All Themes. Features Interviews Lists. Streams Videos All Posts. Genre Electronic. Track Listing - Disc 1. Zombiemachine Acid.

gesloten cirkel ‎– submit x

Gesloten Cirkel. Submit X. Track Listing - Disc 2. Feat Liette. Arrested Development. Secret Area.


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